Slipstream Surf paddler Brodie Moir yesterday, etched her name alongside some of the greats in the Iron-woman world by claiming her first Coolangatta Gold victory in almost perfect conditions on the Gold Coast yesterday. Brodie’s victory is set to ignite the flame in her rivals, but the North Burleigh Star now has the confidence and knows how to win. Brodie wrote in a blog for us some months ago a very bold statement, “She is training to Win the Gold”, this statement caused mixed reactions and calls that she was a little arrogant in her approach. Yesterday Brodie swept aside the remarks, which was merely her goal, to over power champion iron woman Courtney Hancock and her Sister Bonnie in the final run leg to Coolangatta to claim the prestigious Coolangatta Gold Title. The day started with the ski leg, Brodie who is coached by former Australian Champion Nick Crilly out of the North Burleigh surf Club, was never out of lead pack,she had her Slipstream SurfX on the sand 1st as she headed off on the run prior to the swim leg. Brodie the weaker of the swimmers in the lead group, has been working overtime on her swimming in the winter months in preparation for this years Gold and Nutri Grain Iron-woman series, let the lead slip to rival Courtney Hancock, but hit the beach knowing her board paddling prowess would pull back little advantage Courtney had gained. The pair we inseparable at the final transition, Brodie and Courtney headed for the finish line in Coolanagatta, like two prize fighters going into the final round of a title bout. Brodie was to land the killer punch in the closing kilometers and opened up a 40 second gap and powered onto her first victory in any form of iron-woman racing.

“Winners are Grinners”

Last year Brodie wanted a podium in the professional series, through winter it was the Gold Victory, Both has now become reality, The Slipstream Surf Paddler will be a force and will go into the shorter format of the Nutri Grain series as a major chance. We at Slipstream are very proud of Brodie’s achievements in the race along with the many paddlers we had there yesterday, it was great to get so many texts and emails from clients, filling us in on there own achievements. Keep up the good work and look forward to catching you guys on the water, don’t forget to get onto our Facebook Page and follow us on twitter to keep up with all the latest.