Slipstream SurfX Double


The Slipstream SurfX Double Ski is the fastest double ski on the market ... Finally a double ski that paddles exactly like a single. Take a closer look at one of the more recent SurfX Doubles to come out of production and contact us today to place an order!

Slipstream Surf X-cite


The Xcite is the first ski designed with the all-round paddler in mind from juniors to female paddlers and masters this is the ski for you. Check out this video and take a closer look at some of the unique features that make this ski stand out from the crowd.

I’m a Huge Doherty Fan


Slipstream athlete and all-round Mr Nice Guy Hugh Dougherty has plenty of fans. Here is a message from just one of those fans, 4 year old Liam, giving the Huge one a Message! Record your hero message and send it in.

Slipstream Surf Xpression HQ


Watch some of Australia's best ski paddlers in action at a recent Slipstream Expression Session, the crew hit the water for some afternoon fun at the world famous Bondi Beach. Check out the stability and speed of the fastest ski on the market!