SurfX Single Surf Ski

The Slipstream SurfX Single Surf Ski has the ‘X’ factor for sure. Paddled by some of the countries leading paddlers – the SurfX Surf Ski will help you lead the pack too!  Hands down one of the fastest skis on the market, yet exceptionally stable ensuring great results from Pros to beginners. You can not go wrong with the SurfX.
  • Cut outs located near the foot wells enabling good catch on your paddle entry
  • New easy lift nose for better lift and less slapping
  • Directional tail enabling good control on waves and runs
  • Lowered seat for more stability
  • Fully integrated joining and stringer
  • Fully resin infused construction
  • Digital designs optional
  • Venture’s optional

The results I’ve had on the Slipstream SurfX Surf Ski, which include my first race win in the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman Series and an Australian Open Ski Relay Title, are some of the best I’ve had on a surf ski. If you don’t have a Slipstream SurfX Surf Ski… get one!

Hugh Dougherty, Kellogg's Ironman