Surf Boats

New finer bow profile introduced in 2016 for improved boat run!


Designed using the latest technology and built using the most advanced construction techniques the Slipstream MAKO Surf Boats have been raising standards and performance in the surf boats market since 2007.

The Mako has Won Australian ,State , Branch and local series titles all over the country making them the fastest surf boats on the market. We offer custom service including specialized set up and can design a package to maximize your sponsors exposure.

Innovative Features:

  • New & Improved Rowing Position
  • Optional Lowered Sweep Floor Position
  • Fastest Turning Surf Boats
  • New & Improved Sweep Rowlock Housing Construction
  • Driest  Surf Boats on the Market
  • Great Stability in ALL Conditions
  • Vinylester Resin & Stitched fabrics used throughout

I’ve been involved with surf boats for the past 39 years and I can honestly say the Slipstream out performs any boat I’ve rowed or swept. It’s finish and workmanship is second to none.

Glen Holland, North Bondi Sweep

 Slipstream Mako Surf Boats Results

Australian Championships
2011 U23 Men – Silver Medal, Dixon Park
2011 Reserve Grade – Bronze Medal, Mooloolaba
2011 Masters – Gold Medal, Dixon Park
2010 Masters – Gold Medal, Mooloolaba
2010 Open Competition – event not held
2009 Masters – Gold Medal, Mooloolaba
2009 Open Women – Gold Medal, Mooloolaba
2009 U19 Men – Bronze Medal, Noosa
2008 U19 Men – Silver Medal, Noosa
2008 Masters – Gold Medal, Dixon Park

Australian Interstate Championships
2009 U/19 Men – Gold Medal, Noosa

Australian Surf Rowers Leagues
2011 Masters – Gold Medal, St Kilda

NSW State Championships
2011 U23 Men – Gold Medal, Dixon Park
2009 Open Men – Bronze Medal, Dixon Park

Queensland State Championships
2010 U23 Women – Gold Medal, Mooloolaba
2010 Reserve Grade – Bronze Medal, Mooloolaba

Victorian State Championships
2009 Open Women’s – Bronze Medal, St Kilda

Representative Honors
ASRL Queensland Representatives:
Mooloolaba Open Women
Mooloolaba Reserves
Noosa Juniors

I have had great success at all levels of competition in  Slipstream Surf Boats and I would highly recommend and endorse this product! Think outside the square and don’t be afraid to slip into something new. Buy a Slipstream Surf Boat.

Trevor Dyson, Australian Representative, State and Australian Gold medalist