Vort-X Double Ski

The Newest addition to the fleet is the Vort-X Double surf ski, improved performance and design changes developed from the original Australian Gold medal wining Surf X double.

The new Slipstream Double ski has a finer nose for cutting the chop, deeper rear seat for added stabilty  and a new and improved rudder ensuring this is the not only the fastest but most manouverable double ski on the market. The Vort-X double ski has hit the market strong taking out many victories at recent carnivals.

  • Narrower nose profile for cutting the chop
  • Cut outs lengthened to give the paddler a narrower catch on paddle entry
  • Deeper seat position for the rear paddler giving added stability
  • 3 step join system
  • Integrated structural stringer
  • Ventures standard
  • Full Vinylester resin infused construction with rigid carbon fibre laminate standard
  • Directional tail enabling superior handling and manoeuvrability
  • Rigid carbon fibre footplate on an easy to adjust system with out any tools required.


Order Form, Colour Chart and Image Gallery Coming Soon.